Günay Makina

Half a century of experience ...

Günay Makina is who foundations were laid in 1945 by Hacı Asaf Günay (machine artisan whose nickname was Mechanic Asaf) in 1967 and then were taken the administration by 2. and 3. generations to Limited Company.Today Günay Makina has became one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our company is single Turkey Distributor of Taiwan produced CARPET OUEREDGING MACHINES (Daimoku-Emery) German produced JANSER PORTABLE WHIPPING MACHINES Spain produced MELTON CARPET ADHESIUING MACHINES and SEMPACOL CARPET ADHESIUING GRANUL who will continue to look biggest target by young and dynamic structure professional Technical consulting, quality good and service concept.

Our Mission:
Being on international brand by bring combined with our experience our patential every day, compramising the quality of our products and service.

Our Target:
Reach to more markets by our created strategie offer options to our customers by our wide range of products, continue service by fulfil our understanding of perfection after sales.